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Reverend Jesse Louis Jackson, Sr., founder and president of the Rainbow PUSH Coalition, is one of America’s foremost civil rights, religious, and political figures. Over the past 60 years, he has played a pivotal role in virtually every movement for peace, civil rights, racial and gender equality, economic, and social justice – both nationally and internationally.

Civil Rights icon and former U.N. Ambassador Andrew Young referred to Reverend Jackson as the “moral conscience of our times”. In 2000, President Bill Clinton awarded Reverend Jackson with the Presidential Medal of Freedom, the nation’s highest Civilian honor. A master of the zeitgeist, Reverend Jackson’s formation of the Rainbow Coalition has prompted countless others to tout him as “the Great Unifier.” Reverend Jackson’s two historic bids for the Presidency of the United States ( 1984 & 1988) changed the cultural and political landscape of the United States – not only as the most successful African-American presidential candidate in history at the time, but also by the historic increase in voter registration.

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A highly respected world leader, Reverend Jackson has acted many times as an international diplomat appealing for and winning the release of Americans held captive in Syria, Cuba, Kuwait, Iraq and Kosovo.

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Reverend Jackson married his college sweetheart Jacqueline Lavinia Brown in 1963. Together they have five children: Santita Jackson, Congressman Jesse L. Jackson, Jr., Jonathan Luther Jackson, Yusef DuBois Jackson, Esq., and Jacqueline Lavinia Jackson, Jr.

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