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About Us

Jackson Legacy Foundation was established in 1988 by Reverend Jesse and 
Jaqueline Jackson as a grant-making organization to support the efforts of
 organizations and individuals who represent the life and values of Jaqueline
 Jackson’s mother, Gertrude Brown. Born into poverty, Gertrude Brown became an 
unwed mother at 16. In spite of these challenges, Ms. Brown remained committed to
 self-improvement and education. After putting her own five children through college,
at age 51, she determinedly and successfully earned a degree from Hampton College 
and later a Master’s degree from Norfolk State University.

The foundation evolved to also reflect the lives and accomplishments of of Reverend 
Jesse and Jaqueline Jackson. Reverend Jackson is a renowned civil rights activist,
 Baptist minister and was a candidate for the U.S. Presidency. Reverend Jackson’s 
domestic impact has led to meaningful change, including the disciplined use of 
dollars to encourage a more open business community. His impact extends across 
the globe through his successful diplomatic efforts to secure release of American 
prisoners, ensure fair elections abroad, promote peace through cross-cultural 
communication and the advancement of human dignity.

The Jackson Foundation’s work is rooted in the values of personal fortitude,
 compassion, social justice, and the empowerment of education to fulfill one’s
 personal journey.

Funding Priorities


Investment in individuals and
 organizations that provide access
 and remove barriers to academic 
education as well as education 
through the arts and athletics for
 those in need.

(PreK- Higher ED, in and after school)

Racial, social
& gender equality

Investment in organizations that 
combat the barriers of discrimination
 and promote human and civil rights
 for all people.

Legacy gifts

Grants that are longstanding and 
personal to the Jackson Family and/
or further preserve assets that sustain 
the Jackson legacy. Such legacy 
values include nurturing leadership,
 compassionate treatment of the 
poor and supporting demonstrated
 personal fortitude.

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